Creating content that engages your audience

I love winter. Maybe not everything about it, like cold feet and getting out of bed to go to the gym, but after autumn it’s my favourite season. However, I know that not everyone feels the same way.

So, while I’m gleaning my social media newsfeeds for winter warming recipes and snuggly, warm clothing, others are dreaming of clear, warm days by the pool.

What’s this mean as a content creator? Well, it means you have to earn your keep to creatively meet the needs of your audience and not assume they’re all like you.

This comes back to having done some profiling and market research on your audience to start with. If you haven’t done this – do it now. Then use your analytics to check on what sort of engagement you’re achieving with your content. Make a note to do more of what’s working and less of the content that people simply pass over.

We’ll be talking more about this in the upcoming series of Social Media Matters: Give Me More workshops in Dubbo on 25 July and 5 September. Registrations for these will be live in early June, so stay tuned for this notice through our Ochre Communications Facebook page.

If you’re interested in knowing more about how Ochre Communications can work with your business or organisation on content creation and social media management, give us a call.

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