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Kim V. Goldsmith communications consultant Dubbo NSW

Established in 1996 in the heart of New South Wales at Dubbo, my creative communications agency offers a range of communications options with the sole objective of working with you to meaningfully engage with your market or audience – sharing your story to the people who matter most.

While I’m still considering every project that comes across my desk, I’m about to make some big changes to the work I do in the lead-up to my 25th business anniversary in 2021. Basically, the focus will be on creative projects and arts-focused consulting. I’ve seen lots of big changes over the past two and a half decades, and I’m excited about what’s ahead. Life in regional Australia is about to get better.

We all have a story to tell and every story is different.

Working with other professional creative associates when needed, my 30+ years experience extends to digital marketing, media relations, community and public relations, government and corporate communications, advocacybusiness/organisational marketing communications, and content production. I’m also a highly experienced adult trainer, who has delivered communications and digital marketing training and facilitation services for more than two decades. With the planned change in direction, I bring all this to the table when working on future projects.

With an art practice of nearly two decades, working across digital media (sound and video), installation and other visual mediums, my creativity has always underpinned everything I do. Now, it’s taking centre stage.

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ecoPULSE WEBSITE (environmental and regional creative projects)