Eye on the prize

Staying focussed on the bigger picture is something I’ve written about before, but it’s a recurring issue when it comes to planning. I'm finding many people caught up in the NOW and not thinking much about the WHERE and HOW of the process. Usually expressed with some frustration, clients and workshop participants want to know … Continue reading Eye on the prize

Social media marketing video tips

Answering some key questions about your social media marketing objectives and activities will ensure you achieve the results you're after. I'm uploading short, weekly video tips covering some of the fundamental questions every digital marketer should be asking. This first series covers the WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE, WHY + HOW - not necessarily in that … Continue reading Social media marketing video tips

Destination unknown: the digital bog

Are you one of the huge number of SMEs operators in Australia who experienced lousy social media results in the past year? Or do you simply not know if the social media marketing you are doing is working for you? Maybe it feels like being bogged in mud. Imagine trying to drive through causeways of deep, sticky, oozing … Continue reading Destination unknown: the digital bog

When you feel like quitting

Sometimes the goals we set to achieve our bigger picture aren’t S.M.A.R.T.* goals – like me thinking that for the sake of my long-term health and commitment to being fit that I’ll run a half marathon by the end of the year. I have dodgy knees and a strong dislike of cardio, so it is … Continue reading When you feel like quitting

What’s your social worth?

How much is a good Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or YouTube presence worth to your business or organisation? It’s a vexed question when you consider that any marketing channel – even social media – requires some time and some money. One of the reasons I have been busy delivering my Social Media Matters digital marketing training … Continue reading What’s your social worth?