Cobar: connecting the dots

Existential psychologist, Rollo May is credited with saying Communication leads to community, that is, to understanding, intimacy and mutual valuing. On a social level, that’s easy enough to understand but I’ve keen to see this applied at an economic level, within the business communities of our regional cities and towns. Having just spent four days … Continue reading Cobar: connecting the dots

Festival of THE Rural Woman

I was recently asked to make a 30-minute, pre-recorded video presentation as part of the Festival of THE Rural Woman, a free, online event next month (October 12 - 15) celebrating, inspiring and empowering rural women of the world. My presentation is titled "Ripping up the road by staying out of the ruts" – inspired … Continue reading Festival of THE Rural Woman

Networking follow-up using social media

  If you have the opportunity to go to an event where you have a chance to meet new and interesting people, you're mad if you don't use that opportunity to make new connections, or reinforce old ones. Using these events as opportunities to meet people in the flesh is an oft forgotten part of … Continue reading Networking follow-up using social media