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Social Media Matters: information sessions + workshops

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This 1-1.5 hour overview of social media marketing starts with a look at the social media landscape and then looks at where it fits in the marketing mix as a whole, opening up the discussion about where social media fits within businesses and community. It’s a great introduction session that often leaves participants wanting to know more.

The Social Media Matters: Overview has been included as a session in day-long conferences/training days. Contact me about fitting a Social Media Matters Overview session into your training.

A seminar that every small business or small organisation should attend!
Chantelle Finlay, Nyngan Preschool


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3.5 – 4 hours (this may depend on numbers)

Face-to-face training with an experienced trainer with almost 30 years experience in media and marketing communications, using real-life examples and case studies. Lots of information sharing, discussion, and fun!

  • The social media landscape
  • Foundations of best practice
  • Planning your social media
  • Understanding different types of content
  • Time management – controlling the beast
  • Responsibilities of moderating your social media accounts
  • Tracking your results and reading analytics
  • How-tos, case studies + more

These workshops have been extremely popular over the past 3 years. Participants have often wanted to go the next step and work through a strategic social media planning process. This is where Social Media Matters: Give Me More fits in. It’s very hands-on, leaving you with a planning framework to get your social media activated and working for you.

We’ve also got a version more suited to businesses and organisations in the mix now too that looks at where social media communications fit into organisational structures. For more information, check out Social Media Matters: Best Practice for Businesses and Organisations.

Completing this workshop gives you access to the links and downloads + my ebooks and video tutorials.



Small group training
Bring your own laptop or tablet (with internet browsing capacity)
3.5-4.0 hours (depending on numbers)

  • Develop a digital media strategy to implement in the workshop – covering planning, implementation and evaluation;
  • Get to know the environment in which you are marketing and understand the difference between maintenance and growth and what tactics are required for each;
  • Actions include developing a content calendar and filling your first month using a range of curated and created content – know where to find it and how to create it so you never run out of ideas;
  • Look at the analytics available to you and find out how to use them to evaluate the effectiveness of your strategy, learning what’s important and what’s not – saving time and money.

Completing this workshop gives you access to our links and downloads + our ebooks and video tutorials.


Please contact me for a quote
3.5 – 4 hours

Face-to-face training with a highly experienced adult trainer with 25 years+ of working in media and marketing communications across NSW.

This workshop has been delivered to several small businesses and local government over the past 12 months with more booked and being delivered in 2016. It’s ideal for not only social media account administrators in your business or organisation, but those who contribute content or are responsible for community engagement.

The workshop covers:

  • Social media landscape
  • Foundations of best practice
  • Organisational communications and where you and social media fit in
  • Creating engaging content
  • Time management – practical tips for streamlining your social media management
  • Analytics and moderation – what’s important and what your responsibilities are

There’s enough flexibility to meet the skill level and experience of the participants in the group. The training is designed for participants to leave with a clear idea of what they need to do to make social media work for them, looking at examples and case studies of social media in practice.

The manual for this workshop is available as an ebook for workshop and coaching clients. Completing this workshop also gives you access to our links and downloads + our other ebooks.

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