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A seminar that every small business or small organisation should attend! – Chantelle Finlay, Nyngan Preschool (Social Media Matters: Overview)

Kim Goldsmith is always on point. She understands her market and can deliver accordingly. – Abigail McLaughlin (Social Media Matters: Overview)

Have fixed up my privacy settings and now feel much safer. Spent a very valuable 1.5 hours at a presentation last night given by Kim V. Goldsmith from Ochre Communications. It was on social media. If you have a child/ teen on social media or are on the verge of entering that world I would highly recommend that you go should the opportunity arrive – or maybe create the opportunity for your school or community! I feel as a family we have a much safer and enjoyable journey ahead of us. Thank you Kim, it was brilliant. – Lou Burns, parent (Unravelling Social Media for Parents Workshop)

Kim’s knowledge of rural Australia and the State Government processes is supported well with her experience in the media. – Casey Proctor, Lachlan Catchment Management Authority (Mastering the Media Workshop)

Kim was very relaxed, easily approached and ensured everyone had input. – Kim Schumacher, Central West LHPA (Frontline Community Engagement Workshop)


Kim is professional, knowledgeable and considered of her time. She is always prepared and well-informed on the subject and audience. – Alicia Leggett, Orana Arts Inc.

Kim has not only completed the primary task asked of her but introduced numerous other attributes to the project which have led to far better outcomes than initially envisaged. She exceeded our expectations every time. Kim is very professional, bringing the latest technology to bear on the task at hand, working hard to meet time and budget constraints. She brings to the job professionalism, passion and personality! – Neville Gould, Conservation Agriculture & No-till Farming Association (CANFA)


Kim offered a well organised and clear process of facilitation for Orana Regional Organisation of Councils (OROC). Her delivery was professional and the final report was well received. Her facilitation was clear, concise and professional. – Belinda Barlow, Executive Officer, Orana Regional Organisation of Councils


Ochre Communications ran an efficient and timely promotions campaign for the recent social action “Red River Mural”. With a short lead-time, Kim developed linked visual and video content for print and web, had it proofed and launched to social and conventional media. Timing, tracking and delivery was excellent resulting in a regional crowd pull for a spectacular result. Our message was recognised with a front page story, complete engagement by over 150 attendees and successful completion of the collaborative mural. I have no hesitation in recommending Ochre Communications as regional media strategists.– Jack Randell, Director, Fishdog, Community Cultural Development


I’d most definitely recommend Kim as a coach. She’s so knowledgeable, as well as kind and informative. I’ll be integrating pointers Kim gave me on my website during our coaching sessions and am now much more aware of how much social media matters to your business. – Jess Taylor, Supa IGA Warren

I look forward to my monthly social media coaching sessions with Kim. These sessions put me back on track. I was finding that when I got busy I tended to put social media in the too hard basket. But with monthly sessions we plan what content I will use, then review what has worked and what hasn’t. I enjoy bouncing ideas off Kim and have found I am becoming more creative in my ideas. Facebook is becoming more friendly with each coaching session.
 – Nano Moody, Walton Rural