case studies

Boarding Schools Expo: Meg Bennett

Helping rural & regional families choose the right boarding school for their family

Photo by Boarding Schools Expo marketing communications consultant Kim V. Goldsmith

Boarding Schools Expo convenor, Meg Bennett being thanked for 14 years service to rural & regional families by ICPA NSW President, Bruce Paynter

Taking on the digital marketing for an event that has been running successfully across multiple venues for 14 years is a big job. There’s a lot to consider.

This year’s campaign built web traffic on the previous year, as well as strengthening the social media presence through quality content. The blog was organised, planned and created cooperatively in partnership with other stakeholders in the event, namely schools and families. Working in an environment that saw many rural and regional areas of the State under stress from one of the worst droughts on record, attendances were still strong at all events despite the circumstances.

An event like this is a team effort (albeit a small team), requiring a lot of forward planning and regular communication. However, it is rich pickings in terms of content ideas for video, blog posts and other social media posts. This content was critical in underpinning the highly targeted, objective-centred paid digital advertising campaign during the Expo season.

Outback Lamb: Fiona Aveyard

Branding quality Australian lamb

Outback Lamb regional marketing consultant Kim V. Goldsmith

Fiona Aveyard of Outback Lamb with Kim V. Goldsmith at a regional produce lunch featuring Outback Lamb

I worked closely with Fiona Aveyard over about six months, to help develop a marketing communications strategy around her new branded lamb enterprise, and to create consistency in her messaging and branding across all platforms.

Working on a multi-channel approach of social media, email marketing and the development of an e-magazine through her website, that was consistent with her hard copy marketing materials, we were able to tell the personal stories behind the brand. At all times, the intention was for Fiona up to learn how to do this for herself and to understand the fundamentals of why we were using this strategy so that she could adapt it to suit the business as time progressed.

Kim’s input was invaluable during the establishment phase of our business and extended beyond the initial brief. I was particularly impressed with her writing, her organisational skills and work ethic.

Kim developed a coordinated and exceptionally well structured social media plan for our business. She took a whole picture approach and developed each area accordingly, creating a focus and a direction where previously there was none.

Her passion and her investment in good outcomes matched our own – in fact she was a driving force!

Using her new skills and story-telling abilities, Fiona has continued to build her business and form partnerships with like-minded businesses, creating opportunities to not only market these new ventures, but expand markets for Outback Lamb. This includes the establishment of the award-winning start-up business, 3 Farmers Freight.

Supa IGA Warren: Jess Taylor

Food on the web and exploring creative social media marketing

Social Media Matters coaching Kim V Goldsmith

Jessica Taylor, Supa IGA, Warren NSW

Following an earlier website development workshop held in Warren, Jess Taylor was already underway with building her own website for the supermarket by the time the digital marketing coaching sessions started in July. In the couple of hours Jess and Kim spent together over two months, that also included some email support, Jess was able to get feedback on her website, learn more about search engine optimisation, how to use Google Analytics to make better decisions about the website, and how to integrate a social media strategy into the mix.

“I think it’s been really helpful because there were a lot of things I didn’t know about social media and the benefits for your business. It’s been really useful having Kim teaching me how to improve my website for the betterment of the community and the business – showing the community what’s going on in Warren as well as what’s going on with the business with the latest products, recipes, specials and things like that.”

Warren’s Supa IGA Supermarket is a business with a strong community focus, acknowledging that without the support of the local community they wouldn’t have a business.

“It’s important in small country towns like Warren to showcase what the town is about and to keep the town flowing.”

The takeaway for Jess has been just how easy it can be to get the business’ messages out through social media for not much more than some committed time. Compared to traditional forms of advertising, platforms like Facebook are extremely cheap and yet the information you gain from those campaigns is very powerful in gaining a better understanding of who your customer is and what they want from you.

In the final coaching session, Jess and I worked through how to better read Google Analytics, prompting a small adjustment to the website on the spot. They also looked at how to create interesting content on the Warren Supa IGA Supermarket Facebook Page that relates to what’s happening in the business that week, such as specials and feature recipes. They finished off the session with a Facebook Live interview (on the Ochre Communications Facebook Page), as an example of how to use live video to create a more interesting content mix.

Richardson and Sinclair: Justin Sanderson & Terri Shields

Live streaming video for clients and better quality visual content

Social Media Matters coaching Kim V Goldsmith

Richardson and Sinclair team, Warren NSW – Justin Sanderson, Terri Shields, and Bev Napier

The Warren office of Richardson and Sinclair handles the usual business of a stock and station agency as well as real estate – sales and property management. With two distinct facets to the business, the digital marketing coaching sessions had to address a range of issues based on staff interests and responsibilities, and the business’ need to express a distinctive, consistent brand and message that set it apart from its competitors but stays true to their local expertise and knowledge.

After looking over the website and Facebook Page and providing feedback on how they could improve what they were currently doing, the discussion took an interesting turn when it came to how video content might be better utilised. Initially, the conversation was about how live and pre-recorded video may be used for open house inspections and to showcase listed properties. However, Justin Sanderson had another idea.

“The idea of clients being able to watch their livestock being sold from afar without having to travel all the way into the sale is what really grabbed my interest in live streamed video on Facebook.

Kim showed us how to use Facebook Live and it was just a couple of clicks of a button and off it went. It was very simple. The first attempt wasn’t too bad…it depends who’s holding the camera probably…but very successful as far as views went. The clients were very happy, especially once they were aware – they were keen to jump on and watch their stock sold.”

The value of live video was evident in the results of the first few videos and Richardson and Sinclair are now keen to keep going with Facebook Live as a regular feature of sale days, further developing their skills with it.

“Clients who turn up to the sale are obviously watching it in real time, so while they could watch a video of the sale after, this bridges that gap…it’s closer to what they would be doing if they were there, without having to travel.”

For the real estate team of Terri and Bev, the coaching sessions also covered design options for higher quality visual content and a tutorial on staging photographs and creating interest in social media posts, including Instagram, to drive traffic to web listings, as well as learning how to read analytics to fine-tune the social media strategies implemented.