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For up to 14 people (requires 2 trainers)
3-3.5 hours (depending on numbers)

  • Introduction: the media landscape in the 20teens
  • Planning + preparation: the keys to a successful media strategy
  • Implementation: message development and delivery, visuals, body language, getting on top of nerves
  • Practice: Hands-on interview/camera practice using a pre-prepared media release

This workshop has been delivered extensively across NSW since 1996. The media landscape has changed dramatically during that time and the workshop has been updated to reflect this, putting a great deal of control back in the hands of the news-makers. This workshop is just as relevant for those wanting to learn to speak in public or to add content to their digital marketing efforts (see Social Media Matters).



Designed for small groups of about 3-4 participants, covering the following content:

  • Introduction: public speaking is a performance
  • Planning: what questions you need to be asking to achieve the desired outcome
  • Preparation: how to prepare with a goal in mind
  • Packaging: content, words, voice, body language
  • Practice: practical session speaking in front of a small group using a pre-prepared topic & an ad-lib topic provided on the day – feedback provided, videoed for on-the-spot critique of delivery

Plan to Project works through the planning and preparation required to successfully convey a message to an audience – large or small, personal or professional. This workshop is suitable for anyone struggling with organising their thoughts when having to present them, or having trouble with their delivery. It’s also a useful workshop for anyone simply wanting constructive feedback on their delivery style.

If you would like to get your own group together for a workshop with a date that suits the group, we’re happy to talk about that too.