What’s your story?

One of my clients recently posted a photo of her pet dog on her social media accounts explaining the importance of this dog to her family. What did it have to do with her business? There was no call to action. There was no direct weblink for anyone to click on. An international digital marketing specialist … Continue reading What’s your story?

What my top Insta posts tell me

As a digital marketer, it's important that I use my own accounts to not only promote my own business but as a place to experiment - testing tactics, content, hashtags and more. Instagram is part of my social channel mix but a place where I'm still working out the fit with my business - a … Continue reading What my top Insta posts tell me

Community is King

There’s a mantra chanted incessantly across social media—Content is King. Not a day goes by that it isn't reinforced in a hashtag, meme, infographic or blog post. Content creators abound and they like to think what they do is really important. Indeed, I call myself a content creator in some circles, having dropped the terms … Continue reading Community is King