Keeping a high profile

Video production in the field

One of the hardest things to achieve when you’re a self-employed service provider is a constant stream of work, which in turn generates cash flow.

The other thing that’s hard to maintain is a high profile. It requires work.

I’ve been in the media and marketing communications field for 21 years now and I haven’t yet worked out how to level it out. I equate it to being a bit like farming (something I also did for 10 years) – full on when things are in season and all about maintenance in between.

The last four months have started to touch on the crazy, busy level of activity, in a controlled kind of way – something I was only dreaming of at the start of the year. They’ve been great projects too – an issues-based PR campaign, video productions, marketing strategy and asset development, social media strategy, website builds and more.

It’s a sales funnel way of thinking – what have I got to do to ensure there’s awareness, recall and a lead generator?

Kim V Goldsmith with Miles Franklin memorabilia
Establishing connections to author, Miles Franklin

I’m also lucky that I can pick and choose my projects and work, only taking on those jobs where I can contribute the most.

Many of my clients are repeat clients or word of mouth referrals, however, it still requires me to maintain my profile, ensuring there’s recall at the right time and I’m easy to find when the time comes to go the next step. It’s a sales funnel way of thinking – what have I got to do to ensure there is awareness, recall and a lead generator?

Keeping this in mind, I rarely say no to media opportunities, which obviously have a social media spin-off too.

…one of the things you should always do is maintain your media contacts.

As anyone who has ever done a media workshop with me in the past will know, one of the things you should always do is maintain your media contacts – something that is still important in regional parts of the country – but I suspect, harder to achieve in metro areas.

Kim V Goldsmith Tully the Donkey mediaRecently this approach has resulted in several radio interviews, newspaper editorial coverage and various social media posts about me over a few weeks.

One story was about my rescue donkey (there’s a book in that), the other about my relationship to a major Australian literary notable and award. Neither story related directly to my business, but it adds to the narrative about who I am, what I do and why I do it, at a time when I have a great stable of current clients happy to recommend my work and a steady flow of enquiries for future work.I feel like all the wheels are greased and turning.

I feel like all the wheels are greased and turning.

Be authentic. Be consistent. Be engaged.

Three things to remember when building or maintaining a profile:

  1. Be authentic. Tell stories that reflect who you are, what you do (it doesn’t have to be core business) and why you do what you do.
  2. Be consistent. Whatever the story is about you, ensure it is consistent with not only you but what you do professionally…and that the story isn’t constantly changing.
  3. Be engaged. Find ways to engage with your community – both in person and online. Find stories that you have the authority to tell…and don’t put off media interviews, you might not get a second chance.

You’ll be surprised as to what doors these random opportunities may open and when the stars do align and all is good with the work you’re doing as well, the benefits increase greatly.

Interested in working with me on media or marketing communication projects? Contact me to find out how.

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