Video chat: Outback Lamb

As a marketer, it’s always rewarding and exciting to work with a business owner who not only wants to learn about the mechanisms of marketing but is prepared to be creative in the process.

Kim V Goldsmith digital marketing Outback Lamb

Fiona Aveyard of Outback Lamb near Tullamore in western NSW is one such business owner.

Outback Lamb is a new venture for Fiona and Bill Aveyard, sixth generation farmers keen to learn and push the boundaries. They’re looking to this new enterprise to address several issues including farm succession planning, business expansion without the need to manage more land, seizing opportunities to create a higher value product, and tapping into current market interest in where and how food is produced.

Every business in every industry or sector has its challenges. In Outback Lamb’s case, the very things that produce a quality product, the idyllic, semi-isolated rural location, also make it a challenge to market due to poor internet and mobile services. Having limited data plans and patchy mobile reception are daily dilemmas.

Outback Lamb is a fantastic story and I’ve been working with Fiona for the past two months to help build the Outback Lamb brand and to establish platforms and marketing systems. While we’re also looking at more traditional marketing channels, digital marketing efforts have been at the forefront of the work we’ve done to date – updating the existing website, establishing a recipe blog, scheduling social media posts, building a database for email marketing efforts, and the recent launch of the first seasonal e-magazine dedicated to showcasing the product and the stories behind the business, Off The Hook…all in two months.

Find Outback Lamb on Facebook or Instagram or check out the fantastic recipes on their blog.

Interested in finding out how I can help your business with its marketing, connect with me today.








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