Bringing clients real-time results

Social Media Matters coaching Kim V Goldsmith
Richardson and Sinclair team, Warren NSW – Justin Sanderson, Terri Shields and Bev Napier

It only took stock and station agent, Justin Sanderson of Richardson and Sinclair minutes to find a way to make Facebook Live work for their business.

Justin and his team at the Warren office of Richardson and Sinclair had two coaching sessions with me over two months, in which time they implemented Facebook Live for reporting on stock sales for clients, established an Instagram account for showcasing real estate listings and took on board a range of tips and tricks for improving the visuals in their marketing. It’s early days, but as their confidence grows so will their digital marketing success.

Case study: Richardson and Sinclair

During the last coaching session, I took the opportunity to show Justin how to do a simple pre-recorded video and edit it using the iMovie app. While we were at it I asked him more about why and how he’s using Facebook Live to meet his client’s needs on livestock sale days.

If you’re interested in learning how to use these tools in your business or would like to know more about our coaching packages, connect with me today.

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