Taking it Live

One of the business operators I recently coached was put on the spot during her last session to learn what to do as well as what not to do when using Facebook Live as part of her social media content mix.

Social Media Matters coaching Warren NSW
Coaching small business operator, Jess Taylor, in Warren NSW (image courtesy of Emma Welsh, Economic Development Team, Warren Shire Council)

I met Jess Taylor from Warren’s Supa IGA supermarket during a digital marketing coaching program organised through Warren Shire Council’s Economic Development Team, where I spent about 2-3 hours over two months with 10 small business operators – a supermarket, stock and station agent, accommodation and hospitality providers, engineering, machinery and veterinary services.

Jess had already started on her new website when we first met, so we started there and then talked about how to make her visual content pop using a few tools I use regularly. By the time the last session rolled around she was on top of most of the things she’d set out to tackle in our time together.

Case study: Supa IGA Warren

…to challenge her (and me), we did an impromptu Facebook Live video…

So, to challenge her (and me), we did an impromptu Facebook Live video as an example of something she might try to mix up her content a bit each week and get the Facebook Page driving more traffic to the new website.

The lessons to take from this demonstration video are:

Social Media Matters coaching Kim V Goldsmith
Facebook Live with Jess Taylor and Kim V. Goldsmith, August 2016
  • Firstly, ensure you have a good internet connection. We did.
  • Plan and prepare for your live streaming video – who do you want to reach, what do you want to say, how are you going to say it, what are you going to ask for? We didn’t.
  • Think about your location – what’s happening behind you and what’s the ambient noise going to be like? Including ringing phones…We didn’t.
  • How will you make it interesting – what will you be doing, showing? Don’t just be a talking head to camera if you’re going to be running for more than a couple of minutes. We mixed it up by doing an interview – two talking heads are better than one.
  • Just do it! If you’ve worked through the planning and preparations, get over yourself and have a go. No excuses. We did!

For more information on training and coaching, check the Workshops page. We’ve got vacancies in September and November before our year winds down.

Check out the video with Jess and me on the Ochre Communications Facebook Page.

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