Social Media DOES Matter

Social Media Matters: Best Practice for Organisations & Small Business

For the past two months, I’ve come to see quite a bit of regional NSW in the delivery of my third year of the social media marketing course, Social Media Matters. It’s one of the perks of the job, be it Walcha or Warren, Orange or Dubbo, Cobar or Tamworth.

Social Media Matters road trip Walcha NSW
Looking east of Walcha
While originally planning to pitch my Social Media Matters training to virtually anyone who wanted it, I’ve come to learn that those with the greatest need are small businesses and organisations like local government and regional service providers.

Since mid-2014, I’ve delivered about 30 workshops across regional NSW and I’m constantly amazed by how little people understand the very basics of what are now common, garden-variety forms of social media. There’s also very little working knowledge of how to strategically plan, integrate and evaluate social media as part of marketing and communication activities as a whole.

“I had no idea about social media prior to the workshop. The workshop opened my eyes to what social media is all about and the possibilities for our business.” – Fiona Gibbs, Bob Berry Real Estate

Given the complexities of working within organisations of tiered management, I’ve now built on the basic workshop to offer variations depending on whether you’re a structured organisation or not-for-profit where people have job titles, or a sole trader responsible only to you. Regardless of what type of organisation or business you’re in.

Social Media Matters is “An excellent overview of social media and how to best use it.” – Christina Cherry, Narromine Shire Council

Coaching as follow-up

Social Media Matters small business coaching Warren NSW
Working with Warren-based business operator, Bek McKay (seated) – image supplied by Emma Welsh, Economic Development Team, Warren Shire Council
The other interesting and worthwhile development has been the offer of coaching as follow up to the half-day workshops.

Some business development and local government organisations have found the one-on-one coaching to be extremely beneficial, particularly when followed up by a second round of training and coaching a month after the first, allowing for some goal setting and the practice of new-found knowledge and skills. This is supported by access to a range of online resources, including cheat sheets and templates.

“I’m really impressed with Kim’s knowledge of different platforms and emerging trends and technologies.” – Susan Madden, LLS Central West Board member

More training opportunities

Private, small group (max 4 participants), three-hour workshop sessions are being offered in Dubbo on 21 July and 18 August in between several Social Media Matters road trips. Bookings for these close one week prior to each workshop. Coaching sessions can be arranged in addition to these workshops. Four-session coaching packages will be on offer to participants of the Dubbo workshops. Message me for more information.


For more information on our workshops, check the Workshops page.

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