A Vikings moment

IMG_0982For the past six weeks I have been immersed in a campaign that feels like…no, it is a 24/7 job. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve enjoyed it for the most part because I’m in my element – I’m being creative, learning new things and working with a great team of people.

The problem with working on one thing so intensively is that you become so wired and switched on that unless you’re aware of the warning signs you don’t realise you’re not eating property, sleeping well and drinking too much…until it’s too late. Added to this have been commitments to other smaller jobs that add to the stress from time to time.

Wednesdays are not only hump day, they’re my mid-week time out – critical when I’m working seven days a week. Why Wednesday? The new season of Vikings is on the TV on Wednesdays and while I’m a regular user of on-demand services, the fact Vikings shows on a Wednesday at 9.30pm means I know that’s my scheduled downtime for one hour, mid-week.


I’m sure the Vikings worked and fought hard just to survive, ate poorly much of the year due to the deep freeze, slept badly due to cold nights, fleas and tooth ache, and they probably drank too much just to drown their miseries (you’ve got to love Ragnar)…and while they had some mind-bending hallucinogens, they didn’t have coffee. It really puts my first world problems in perspective.

Call it escapism but Vikings and my two or three trips to the gym each week to sweat it out to pumping music are the only down time I have when things are busy. My social life becomes non-existent. There’s the irony of being a social media specialist.

Working in social media brings with it lifestyle hazards of being on guard around the clock. While a small amount of automation allows you to get away from things temporarily, the need to monitor, moderate and respond are critical to any success with this channel of communication.

The end is in sight on the current campaign – we’re now counting down to the big day. Everyone is feeling comfortable enough with the plan, the course of action and how things are travelling, but that’s the very time that a good digital marketer needs to be on guard. It’s easy to be ambushed when you’re feeling comfortable. While I believe the groundwork we’ve done to date has put us in a good position the fight isn’t over yet and we have to now capitalise on our advantage.

So tomorrow, after my mid-week escapism session, it’s back to the gym in preparation for the battle ahead.

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