Festival of THE Rural Woman

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I was recently asked to make a 30-minute, pre-recorded video presentation as part of the Festival of THE Rural Woman, a free, online event next month (October 12 – 15) celebrating, inspiring and empowering rural women of the world.

My presentation is titled “Ripping up the road by staying out of the ruts” – inspired my friend Tim’s recent use of a dual carriageway analogy for the partnership between two organisations. I knew the dual carriageway wasn’t my story but I have to admit the idea for the presentation title came to me before I even really knew what I’d talk about – maybe a result of too often thinking of headlines whilst conducting interviews…you didn’t hear me say that.

Asked by the festival organisers about what my take home message would be made me think a little harder…so, I put this together: Kim V. Goldsmith shares her story of how a girl from the farm, mad about horses and determined to be a vet, ended up becoming one of regional Australia’s most active creatives. Her message is there is a beginning but there is no end – be open to new ideas and change, go where the opportunities take you and enjoy the ride along the way.

That’s basically the story of my life since I was 14. But then came the question, What’s your passion? Crumbs, that’s something I spend more time instinctively responding to rather than trying to verbalise. Now, some won’t believe this, but I even Googled How to find your passion in order to work out what to say. So, this is what I submitted: Creative thinking – applied to how we live and express ourselves. I’m not fussy about whether it’s organic or styled, as I’m just as excited by nature as I am by design or a crafted sentence or two.

None of the above is fabricated. It’s all very real, but something I’m more used to living and talking about in part rather than as a time-framed narrative. I’ve lived two separate lives for a long time and it’s only been a fairly recent evolution that has seen them come together. To see my ‘other’ life – check out my art website.

So, why agree to be a presenter of this inaugural festival? I confess I don’t spend a lot of time getting involved in these types of event or the groups behind them, tending to focus more on getting the job done – planning and doing rather than worrying about whether I’m unearthing something, blooming, thriving, healing or evolving. However, I do believe in leading by example and I believe strongly in the power base that is regional NSW, the talent and strength of the people who choose to live here. Anything I can do to inspire more people to believe they don’t have to take a second-best option in life in order to fulfill their potential is worthwhile.

So, have a look at the program to find other compelling stories of being rural and regional women who have all fought hard to be where they are. We all have battle scars of some sort – but that probably makes the stories all the more interesting.

I’m scheduled to be presented in the program on Day 1, October 12 from 4pm. A live Q&A will follow the presentation.

Check out the program and other presenters at the Festival of THE Rural Woman website.

2 Replies to “Festival of THE Rural Woman”

  1. Doing the festival as an online event – isn’t that a fantastic idea! Makes it very accessible. Glad you’re a part of it Kim!

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