My first vlog: putting a face to Social Media Matters

Given I spend most of my available time working on strategies and content for the websites, blogs and social media platforms of my clients, I’ve been putting off creating a blog on my own site. But I’ve got the stage where I need to show clients and workshop participants (and prospectives of both types) what it is I’m talking about. So, this is where that will happen, and hopefully I can share a gem or two with you along the way.

This 30 sec mobile video was created to add to the social media promo mix for my current round of Social Media Matters workshops. Originally created for YouTube* (with links to Twitter and Google+) and Facebook, it might even get a re-edit for Instagram (3-15 seconds) and if I’m clever enough, Vine (6-6.5 seconds). Through the publicise feature of this WordPress site, it’ll also cover several of these sites as well, and LinkedIn.

This was shot on my iPhone4 (an antique, I know), using a selfie stick. I made enough effort to mop the perspiration from my brow, add a necklace, a pair of knowledgeable looking glasses (they’re real), and a swipe of lippy. And if you think the pros get it right first time, think again! It takes practise and several takes to get it right. That means nailing the script, ensuring you haven’t got a foreign object sticking out of your head, working out how to minimise wind noise, stopping for low-flying planes to come into land, making sure you don’t get suddenly shaded when the sun jumps behind a cloud, and then praying your dogs don’t start barking. Given all this happened today, it took about 15 takes to ensure my 30 second piece to camera was as good as could be expected.

This is the beauty and challenge of mobile video. It should remain somewhat raw, fresh, of the moment and authentically you…yet professional enough not to be cringe-worthy once you upload it and share the living daylights out of it.

Future advice to self and others: pick your time – if you’re a morning person, do it then when you’re fresh; prepare yourself and practise your script in advance, but not to the point it’s dead. And bribe your dogs with a bone – something that takes more than five minutes to finish.

If you have any topics you’d like me to cover in terms of communication strategy, social media, media relations, or anything else, let me know and I’ll endeavour to deliver what I know to you in bite-sized vlogs (a word autocorrect insists is just not right)…and I promise it won’t all be talking heads. I’d love some feedback along the way, so please feel free to comment.

*I also have a Vimeo account that I use for my art video. However, I use YouTube for content that I want to extend the reach of due to great platform sharing functionality and its power as search engine.

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